People will get prescription sinus medicine whenever they meet the doctor and get diagnosed for having sinusitis. There is no doubt that you have heard the term before. Whenever you feel stuffed in the nose, it is possible for you to have sinusitis. Even though you have heard the term before, you might not really know the symptoms of this infection. That is why before you jump into conclusion, it will be better for you to understand more about the infection and its symptoms. Therefore, you can be sure whether you got sinus infection or not before you visit the doctor.

There are several things you need to know about the symptoms of sinusitis. This condition occurs when your nose produces more mucus to protect the body but it gets infected with virus. It causes the nasal cavities to become swollen and inflamed. In some cases, the infection can also be caused by fungus or bacteria. It is also possible for you to get sinus infection if you have allergies, tooth infection, or even nasal polyps. Therefore, when you feel your sinus inflamed, it is better for you to check few days before to see the cause of the infection.

If you already know the cause, it is better for you to visit the doctor to get prescription sinus medicine. Basically, the infection is divided to two types. The first one is acute sinusitis. This condition occurs for short time. It happens because of cold or allergy that you suffer. The other type is chronic sinusitis. Different from acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis lasts for more than eight weeks and it may take longer to occur. Therefore, if you think that your sinus infection does not get healed for a very long time, it is better for you visit the doctor as soon as possible so your infection can be treated.

When you get sinusitis, there might be several types of pain that follow because of the swelling and inflammation. First, you might feel pain on the face. Then, you might also get headache on the forehead or side of your nose. The pain can also spread to your upper jaws and even to teeth. If it gets worse, the pain might even come to the area between eyes. Therefore, there is no need to delay any longer. You should make sure to visit the doctor and get prescription sinus medicine to treat your sinusitis.