What does Aflac cancer policy cover is one of the most common questions asked by those who look for cancer insurance. By choosing a cancer insurance, you can have better cope of financial to help you or your beloved one surviving after positive diagnosis to cancer. By choosing the right cancer insurance, it will also give you or your beloved one better emotional condition since more appropriate cancer treatments will be gotten with the better financial cope. It means that the insurance will give more comfort as well as protection because you can have the freedom to focus on everything that is more important in the cancer surviving and treatments. There are many benefits that can be gotten by purchasing Aflac cancer insurance. Learn more about them below.

One Day Pay

When you or your beloved one is positively diagnosed to cancer, you must need to get the treatments as soon as possible. The disease cannot wait you making expenses for the treatments or the disease will develop and get worse day by day. That is why you should choose the best cancer insurance policy to purchase. Aflac is the insurance company that will work well to pay the claim quickly. When you have known what does Aflac cancer policy cover, you will see how fast the claim is given to you, even in only one day.

Portable Coverage Option

Another feature about the cancer insurance of Aflac is the portable coverage. This feature enables the holders to take the cancer insurance plan with them if they should change their jobs or have been retired. It means that you shouldn’t look for another cancer insurance policy to purchase.

The Options of Cancer Insurance Coverage

There are two options about what does Aflac cancer policy cover, they are the treatment based coverage and lump sum coverage. The first option of treatment based coverage will pay you over time as long as the treatment process. Meanwhile, the second option of lump sum coverage will pay you the claim in a great sum upon the initial diagnosis of cancer.

How It Works

When you have become the Aflac cancer insurance policy holder and then find yourself suffering high fevers and infections frequently, then you should visit your doctor for diagnosis. The physicians will examine your health condition based on the symptoms you have. For example, physician visit and bone marrow biopsy that will reveal leukemia diagnosis. If you can submit the claim by 3pm, then what does Aflac cancer policy cover will be gotten in only a day over $35,000.