Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer should be known from the beginning that treatment can be done quickly so cancer does not turn out to be severe. Prostate cancer is a disease that afflicts men. The men did not know these symptoms so that it becomes cancer can spread throughout the body and is difficult to treat. There are several ways to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer that is.

Difficulty Urinating

It is the feeling of wanting to urinate but apparently not urine out of your body. You still want to urinate after going on the toilet. These symptoms are caused by the prostate gland that is around the urinary enlarged. The gland enlarges because the inside of the urinary tract is tumors that interfere with urination. If a person’s age is increasing, the prostate gland will also increase. You have to go to the doctor for regularly distinguish prostate enlargement or cancer.

Pain during Urination

This is a problem that occurs due to prostate tumors has been pressing the urinary tract. Pain is a symptom that is caused by infection of the prostate or so-called prostatitis. These symptoms can also be a sign of prostate hyperplasia is not a sign of cancer.

Bleed while Urination

This is a trend that history happens but you should not ignore these symptoms. You should immediately see a doctor even though blood ejected only slightly pink. Urinary tract infections can cause these symptoms.

Hard Erection or Hold an Erection

The flow of blood into the penis will increase when an erection occurs. Prostate tumors can block the blood flow so that you have difficulty erection. These symptoms can also because you cannot ejaculation erection. An enlarged prostate can cause these symptoms.

Bloody Sperm

This is the same symptoms as blood from urine. Perhaps the blood coming out of the sperm is not too much but the sperm will be pink. These symptoms should alert the men.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

The prostate gland is located in front of the rectum and under the bladder. If there is a tumor in the part, then you will experience indigestion. If you have difficulty defecating continuously, then this can be caused by an enlarged prostate gland continues to suppress another. It also can be a symptom of colon cancer. Age can also increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Pain in the Thighs, Hips, and Lower Back

If the cancer is getting worse, then cancer would have spread to these body parts. If you experience pain in the hip, pelvis, and thighs, then this could be one of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer.

Do you have a toddler? If so, you are better to know about allergies in toddlers. Toddlers have sensitive immunity system, so they have a risk to get allergies. Knowing about allergies in toddlers will make us know how to do with allergy when it happens to our toddler. Read the information below to know about the symptoms of toddler’s allergies and also the tips to relieve it.

What are Symptoms of Allergies in Toddlers?

A toddler has a risk to get allergies, but the common case showed that allergy can be caused by heredity. If parents have allergy, their toddler will have allergy also. But, allergy can be caused by other factor because every toddler has different condition.

Talking about allergies in toddler, the allergy can cause various symptoms and it happens in various parts of toddler’s body. To make you easy for diagnosing whether you toddler has allergy or not, you have to know the symptoms of allergies in toddler. Here are the symptoms of allergies in toddler that you have to know:

  • Small bump or itchy skin
  • Watery and red eyes
  • Diarrhea
  • Sneeze
  • Watery nose
  • Itchy nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Itchy throat and mouth
  • Difficulty breathing

When your toddler has some symptoms mentioned above, you have to bring your toddler to the doctor. The doctor will know the best medicine for your toddler.

How to Relieve Allergies in Toddlers

We know that going to doctor is more recommended for relieving allergies in toddler because the doctor will know the best allergy medicine for toddler. But as a parent, we have to know some tips for relieving allergies in toddlers, such as:

  • Clean your home and create clean environment for your toddler. Make sure your home is free of dust, animal fur and other allergens.
  • Keep away your toddler from flowers or plants which contain pollen. Pollen is allergen for some toddlers that can cause allergies. So, try to keep your toddler away from pollen.
  • Always note what your toddler eats. Make sure your toddler doesn’t eat food that can be the trigger of allergies such as shrimp. When your toddler has allergy symptoms, give the first aid. For example, when your toddler has itchy skin, you can use eucalyptus or lotion to relieve that allergy symptom.

Those are some information for you about allergies in toddlers and some tips for avoiding allergies in toddler. Finally, hopefully the information about allergies in toddlers above will be useful for you.

Having clogged sinuses can give your pressure and pain between your eyes and above your nose. But if you know the right treatments, you can relief it in no time. In today’s article you will find out natural ways as the best medicine for sinus headache. But before that, let’s take a look a little bit about the symptoms of sinus headache are.

Symptoms of sinus headache

Sinus headache sometimes can give you:

  • Pain that can get worse with movements including lying down and bending over
  • Pressure and pain around the location of your sinuses which are above the nose, between and behind the eyes and especially in the forehead. These locations or area may quite tender and sensitive to the touch.

The other symptoms are including:

  • Nasal discharge
  • Stuffy nose
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

But if you only feel pain as the symptoms, maybe you don’t have a sinus headache.

Natural ways to treat a sinus headache

  1. Increasing humidity

Thick, dry mucus in your sinus passages and nose can form crust that can block your sinus drainage and then trap dangerous bacteria. In order to treat sinus headache, increasing humidity to get more fluid can help your mucous thin out and it can move again. You can drink plenty of fluids by eating a bowl of soup, drinking a cup of hot tea, having plenty of steamy showers and avoiding dry, cold air.

  1. Using a hot washcloth

In order to loosen secretions and warm your nasal passages, you can recline with a hot washcloth around your eyes and nose. You can do the other thing to relieve sinus pressure and relieve sinus pain by alternating warm and cold compresses. The steps are easy. First, you need to place a hot washcloth or towel across your sinuses in three minutes. Second, you place a cold compress in the same area of your sinuses like before about 30 seconds. Do this treatment around four times per day.

  1. Eating spicy food

Recent research found that the ingredients of chili peppers can relieve some types of pain including sinus headache effectively. Many people eat spicy food like hot mustard and peppers to open up their nasal passages. These kinds of food can also relieve your sinus pain as well.

  1. Lying down

This is probably the simplest way of natural medicine to relieve sinus headache pain. If your sinus causes by migraine, all you have to do is by lying down in a quiet room with no lights at all.

We hope you can find the best medicine for sinus headache that can help you relieve the pain immediately. Don’t forget to visit the doctor if the pain is continuously getting worse.

Many people want to know how to cure sinus infection effectively. As we know that sinus infection can be suffered by every people. So, knowing the best way to cure sinus infection is really recommended. Read the information below to know about it.

Understanding Sinus Infection

Sinus infection can be caused by many factors, but common case found in country or region which has cold weather. But, cold weather is not the main cause of sinus infection. Sinus infection can be caused by other factors such as virus and allergy. Virus which attacks upper respiratory cavity can cause sinus infection. Some allergies can also be the trigger of sinus infection, such as air allergy, temperature allergy, allergy caused by animal feather, and many more.

Talking about sinus infection, it has similar symptoms with influenza, but the feeling pain of sinus will be felt in forehead area or face area. The common symptoms of sinus infection are headache, fever, nasal congestion, loss of smell, pain feeling on forehead, and bad breath.

How to Cure Sinus Infection?

Sinus infection can be cured by using pain relieving medicine. But, you have to consult it with your doctor first. For people who have otherallergy, they should go to the doctor for telling about their allergy. Not only that, people who have other diseases should consult with doctor to know the best medicine for their sinus.

Besides pain relieving medicine, sinus infection can be reduced by decongestant. Like pain relieving medicine, you have to consult with a doctor first. Your doctor will know whether decongestant is good for your or not.

If you won’t to go to a doctor, you can use home remedies for reducing sinus infection. There are so many home remedies you can use, for example hot compress. You just need to dip dry cloth on warm water, and then apply it to your forehead to reduce sinus infection.

Besides hot compress, you can also inhale the steam of warm water to reduce sinus symptoms. Consuming spicy food is also recommended, because it will help you draining liquid from your nose. If you can’t eat spicy food, you can make a beverage from slices of ginger and warm water. It is also recommended to reduce your sinus infection.

Sinus infection can be solved by home remedies if you try it routinely and patiently. When your sinus infection can’t be healed for more than 2 weeks, visit a doctor as soon as possible to receive effective medication. Hopefully the information about how to cure sinus infection above will help you to reduce your sinus infection.