7 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

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Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer should be known from the beginning that treatment can be done quickly so cancer does not turn out to be severe. Prostate cancer is a disease that afflicts men. The men did not know these symptoms so that it becomes cancer can spread throughout the body and is difficult to treat. There are several ways to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer that is.

Difficulty Urinating

It is the feeling of wanting to urinate but apparently not urine out of your body. You still want to urinate after going on the toilet. These symptoms are caused by the prostate gland that is around the urinary enlarged. The gland enlarges because the inside of the urinary tract is tumors that interfere with urination. If a person’s age is increasing, the prostate gland will also increase. You have to go to the doctor for regularly distinguish prostate enlargement or cancer.

Pain during Urination

This is a problem that occurs due to prostate tumors has been pressing the urinary tract. Pain is a symptom that is caused by infection of the prostate or so-called prostatitis. These symptoms can also be a sign of prostate hyperplasia is not a sign of cancer.

Bleed while Urination

This is a trend that history happens but you should not ignore these symptoms. You should immediately see a doctor even though blood ejected only slightly pink. Urinary tract infections can cause these symptoms.

Hard Erection or Hold an Erection

The flow of blood into the penis will increase when an erection occurs. Prostate tumors can block the blood flow so that you have difficulty erection. These symptoms can also because you cannot ejaculation erection. An enlarged prostate can cause these symptoms.

Bloody Sperm

This is the same symptoms as blood from urine. Perhaps the blood coming out of the sperm is not too much but the sperm will be pink. These symptoms should alert the men.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

The prostate gland is located in front of the rectum and under the bladder. If there is a tumor in the part, then you will experience indigestion. If you have difficulty defecating continuously, then this can be caused by an enlarged prostate gland continues to suppress another. It also can be a symptom of colon cancer. Age can also increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Pain in the Thighs, Hips, and Lower Back

If the cancer is getting worse, then cancer would have spread to these body parts. If you experience pain in the hip, pelvis, and thighs, then this could be one of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer.

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