Best Medicine for Sinus Headache

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Having clogged sinuses can give your pressure and pain between your eyes and above your nose. But if you know the right treatments, you can relief it in no time. In today’s article you will find out natural ways as the best medicine for sinus headache. But before that, let’s take a look a little bit about the symptoms of sinus headache are.

Symptoms of sinus headache

Sinus headache sometimes can give you:

  • Pain that can get worse with movements including lying down and bending over
  • Pressure and pain around the location of your sinuses which are above the nose, between and behind the eyes and especially in the forehead. These locations or area may quite tender and sensitive to the touch.

The other symptoms are including:

  • Nasal discharge
  • Stuffy nose
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

But if you only feel pain as the symptoms, maybe you don’t have a sinus headache.

Natural ways to treat a sinus headache

  1. Increasing humidity

Thick, dry mucus in your sinus passages and nose can form crust that can block your sinus drainage and then trap dangerous bacteria. In order to treat sinus headache, increasing humidity to get more fluid can help your mucous thin out and it can move again. You can drink plenty of fluids by eating a bowl of soup, drinking a cup of hot tea, having plenty of steamy showers and avoiding dry, cold air.

  1. Using a hot washcloth

In order to loosen secretions and warm your nasal passages, you can recline with a hot washcloth around your eyes and nose. You can do the other thing to relieve sinus pressure and relieve sinus pain by alternating warm and cold compresses. The steps are easy. First, you need to place a hot washcloth or towel across your sinuses in three minutes. Second, you place a cold compress in the same area of your sinuses like before about 30 seconds. Do this treatment around four times per day.

  1. Eating spicy food

Recent research found that the ingredients of chili peppers can relieve some types of pain including sinus headache effectively. Many people eat spicy food like hot mustard and peppers to open up their nasal passages. These kinds of food can also relieve your sinus pain as well.

  1. Lying down

This is probably the simplest way of natural medicine to relieve sinus headache pain. If your sinus causes by migraine, all you have to do is by lying down in a quiet room with no lights at all.

We hope you can find the best medicine for sinus headache that can help you relieve the pain immediately. Don’t forget to visit the doctor if the pain is continuously getting worse.

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