Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

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Bladder cancer survival rate – bladder cancer is basically related to the abnormal and malignant growth or cell or known also as tumor on the wall of bladder. The function of bladder itself is to place urine before it is taken out while we are urinating. In general, the patients of bladder cancer are the elder people. Even if it has been treated, the patients must continue their healing like in the form of therapy as it has more risks to be grown some more times. The cancer from bladder can be spreading to other parts of body particularly the muscles. If you realize some symptoms like bleeding while urinating, urinating too often with pain, and feeling painful on the back, you should checkup your condition as soon as possible.

The Stadiums

Once a patient positively has bladder cancer, he or she must follow some checkups to know the level or stadium of the cancer itself. There are mainly some levels of bladder cancer; they are divided into four stadiums. The first stadium is when the cancer is still only inside the bladder no spreading to other parts of the body. The second stadium is when all parts of bladder are already in cancer. The third stadium is when the cancer cells are already spreading outside the bladder. Lastly, the fourth or last stadium is when other vital organs like lung, lymph gland, or liver has been infected by the cancer. There are some treatments you can do to be cured. Of course, the one to be chosen must be based on the condition. Those treatments are operation or removing the cancer, partial sistektomi, and immunotherapy. Partial sistektomi is removing the cancer as well as the parts of your bladder that has been infected. Meanwhile, immunotherapy is creating additional immune system against the cancer cells.

The Survival Rates

Talking about the survival rates, it seems any cancer including bladder cancer cannot be simply cured or even the possibility is under 10% when it is already in the fourth stadium. Unfortunately, the less possibility for being cured is also for the third stadium. Why? It is because the cancer has already in all parts of the bladder. It is even impossible to do the operation as the bladder itself is a really important organ within our body. Meanwhile, stadium one and two of bladder cancer still has some possibilities to be cured by proper treatment and healthy lifestyle. It is then the bladder cancer survival rate you should know.

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