Have you known about dog food for skin allergies? Actually, dog can be affected by skin allergies. Most of pet owner think that skin allergies caused by food. So, the best way to treat it is by giving the best dog food that can’t cause any problem. Is there any dog food for skin allergies? Read the information below to know about it.

My Dog has Skin Allergies, What Should I Do?

Some pet owners feel so confuse when their dog have skin allergies. Skin allergies will make the dog looks not good. So, every pet owner usually wants to make their dog has healthy skin. What can be done? Actually, the simple way to solve it is by changing the dog food.

Changing the dog food is simple step we can use for healing dog with skin allergies. Pet owners usually use beef and chicken as dog food. Actually, you can change it to make your dog healthier. For example, you can change chicken and beef using salmon meat. Why we have to choose salmon meat? It is because salmon meat is so good for eye and skin health. When it is consumed by our dog, our dog will have healthy skin and free of skin allergies.

Recommended Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Not only changing dog food, we can also give best dog food to make our dog free of skin allergies. What are best dog foods for skin allergies? Here are some recommended dog foods for your dog which has skin allergies:

  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance is top and trusted brand that is chosen by many pet owners. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient offers best food for dog because made from various nutritional ingredients that will make a dog has healthy skin and free of various skin problems, includes skin allergies.

  • Wellness Simple

It is also good food for dog which has skin allergies. Because containing extra flaxseed oil, it will help boost skin health. Not only that, this dog food has various formulas that will make the dog healthy and free of various diseases, includes skin allergies.

  •  Orijen 6-Fish

Other good dog food for skin allergies is Orijen 6-Fish. It is made from healthy fish that will make the dog healthy and has healthy skin. No wonder if many people choose this food for their dog because it will make their dog healthier.

Those are some information for you about dog food for skin allergies, and hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

Best food for dogs with allergies can be found on the market, but you should be able to choose the food with good. There is plenty of dog food with the poor quality available in the market. You should see the value of protein, fat values, and the value of crude fiber which is present on the packaging of the dog food. In each package of dog food contained protein value. Dog food puppy has a protein value 28% to 32%. Adult dog food has a value of 26% protein. Dog food maintenance has a protein value of 18% to 22%. Puppy dog ​​food made for dogs up to the age of 1 year and a puppy will always be active so that it requires high amounts of protein. Adult dogs are not very active as a puppy so that the protein content in food is lowered to 26% and fat value derived becomes 16%. Value crude increased to 4%. Maintenance dog food made for dogs elderly. This dog is no longer active so that the protein required is 18%. These dogs are also not to be overweight so fat value drops to 12% and a maximum of 4% of crude. Crude fiber is needed for digestion and the maximum value that can be given is 3%.

Disadvantages of Using Dog Food with High Crude Fiber

Fiber is a substance that is needed by the dog’s digestive, but chooses foods with high fiber value can also result in losses. If you give me a drink, then the drink will not be able to go directly to the dog’s body. This caused a lot of the food was removed and only a few substances are absorbed by the body of the dog. The dog will spend more dirt.

Protein Cause Allergies

The nutritionist did say that meat protein can cause allergies in your dog, but not all brands of dog food cause allergies in dogs bark. It depends on the brand of dog food you buy. Protein chicken is not the only cause of dog allergies. Allergies can be generated from the recipe used by the food processing factory in dogs. The plant has a different recipe. Another factory is using poor quality ingredients that cause allergies in your dog. Dog food with quality materials is more expensive, but your dog is guaranteed not to be affected by allergies.

Choosing a Dog Food

You must pay attention to the nutritional needs required by your dog. The food will determine the quality of life of your dog. Do not give leftover food that is not nutritious. You can seek advice from a veterinarian to provide the right food for your dog. With high-quality dog ​​food is the right food for your dog because your dog will not suffer from allergies. You should pay more expensive to buy best food for dogs with allergies.