When you get allergy, knowing about prescription allergy eye drops is really important. Nowadays, there are so many people who are easilyaffected by allergy, and they feel so confuse to choose the best medicine. Actually, using prescription medicine will help you to heal your allergy. Read the information below to know more about prescription allergy medicine.

Why Allergy Needs Eye Drops?

Allergy is so varies. Many people has allergy, and it can be caused by weather, animal’s fur, air, and many more. Allergy has various symptoms, such as itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, redness, and many more. The common symptom of allergy is itchy and red eyes. It will make allergy patient feel so uncomfortable. So, eye drops is really needed to relieve this symptom.

Eye drops is so important and can relieve the symptoms of allergy. But, it doesn’t mean that eye drops is effective to solve all the symptoms of allergy. Eye drops just has a function to relieve some symptoms of allergies. Other symptoms of allergy should be solved by other medicines.

What is Effective Prescription Allergy Eye Drops?

Talking about best medicine for allergies, there are various types of medicine that can be our recommendation. The way to use medicine is also varies. When your allergy causes itchy and red eyes, using eye drops is really recommended. Eye drops divided into two categories, those are over the counter eye drops and prescription eye drops. For you who want to use prescription eye drops, here are recommended prescription eye drops for allergies:

  •  Antihistamine

It is popular medicine for relieving allergy symptoms. It is divided into two categories, which are sedating and nonsedating. This medicine usually causes side effects, such as drowsiness and dry mouth. This medicine works by competing with histamine to reduce symptoms of allergy. Some prescription antihistamine eye drops for allergy are Azelastine (Optivar), Emadastine (Emadine), Epinastine (Elestat), and Olopatadine (Patanol, Pataday, Pazeo).

  • Mast Cell Stabilizer

It is also medicine for preventing allergic reaction. It helps you relieving the symptoms of allergies. Recommended mast cell stabilizer eye drops is Cromolyn (Opticrom).

Well, those are some information for you about prescription allergy eye drops. You can use the information above as your reference whenever you need information about best eye drops for relieving allergy symptoms. But when the medicine mentioned above can’t make the allergy symptoms reduce, you are better to go to doctor to receive best medication. Hopefully, the information about prescription allergy eye drops above will be helpful for you.

Best eye drops for allergies can cure itchy eyes and red eyes. The most common symptoms of eye allergies are itchy eyes. Your eyes will feel itchy when contaminated with small objects such as animal dander, dust mites, dirt, and dust that can cause allergic reactions. In the medical world, this is called allergic conjunctivitis and ocular allergies. Actually, small objects that cause allergies are harmless, but the immune system would be wrong in recognizing objects touch the mucous membrane lining in the white part of the eye or conjunctiva. This system reacts by making antibodies. These substances can make the eyes become watery, red, and itchy. Other symptoms that you can see are the eyes will be swollen, sensitive to light, eye burning, and pain. These symptoms will be felt when your eyes are directly in contact with allergy triggers called allergens. These symptoms will appear after two to four days.

Eye Allergies Type

Allergic conjunctivitis or eye allergies are divided into several types as follows:

Giant papillary conjunctivitis is a complication caused by the use of contact lenses that are not sterile. If you like contact lenses, then you should use disposable contact lenses that you are not affected by this condition. If and are not suitable to wear contact lenses, you should not force your eyes to wear contact lenses.

Contact dermatokonjungtivitis is eye allergies caused by cosmetics or eye drops.

Seasonal eye allergies associated with the season. This is called seasonal allergies because these allergies usually occur early in the dry season. In the summer a lot of pollen from plants and fungi which flew into the air.

Continuous eye allergies are not affected by the seasons. It can happen anytime. The cause of eye allergies is certain medicines, chlorine water, air pollution, smoke, and perfume.

Eye Allergies Treatment

If you experience eye allergies, then you can do the following things:

Using prescription drugs

Severe allergies will not show a response to anti-histamine drugs. You can try the advanced therapies. The doctor will usually prescribe drugs that have steroids to relieve allergies.

Check the eye condition to doctor

You have to do a general check-up every year. If every summer you experience eye allergies, then you should go to the doctor to check the condition of the eye and prevent allergies worse.

Using anti-histamine drugs sold in pharmacies

If your eyes have been attacked by an allergy, then you can use eye drops anti-histamine. These drugs can relieve the symptoms of eye allergies to twelve hours with just one drop. If these allergies bother the throat, sinuses, and nose, then you can take decongestants and oral anti-histamine. You should check the label to know the side effects of best eye drops for allergies.