You may wonder if there any cat allergy shots that may able cure your cat allergy. Living with the cat allergy, whether you are the owner or your family member may be able to increase a lot of questions about it. How is a cat allergy can explain the never ending symptoms. You may regret and give up with their demand to get a cat, despite their allergy. Your cat make the cat allergy get several symptoms that hard to be managed, such as: sneezing, itchy or sniffling mess as well. However you should understand about car allergy to get the best solution and treatment.

What are causes of cat allergy?

Around 10% peoples in US had suffered with pet allergies and cat allergy becomes the most common cause. The cat allergy was about twice as common than the dog allergy. You may think that cat allergy was caused by their hair or fur. However, some cat allergies were really able to get allergic through their protein that you can find in cat’s saliva, dander or urine as well.

So, you may wonder about how these tiny proteins were able cause a car allergic reaction inside their body? Some peoples who have allergies get oversensitive with their immune system. The mistakes inside their body, such as: cat dander was also similar with the viruses or bacteria. The symptoms from the allergy were become the side effects of the allergen. You should note that even you d o not suffer with car allergy, your won car was still able cause your allergies indirectly as well. This is because the outside cats are able bringing the pollen or the other allergen inside their fur. So, make sure that you give a good care treatment for your cat to avoid any allergies.

What are the symptoms of your cat allergy?

There are several symptoms of cat allergy that can identify you:

  1. The itchy eyes and red.
  2. The redness on your skin where your cat had bitten or licked you.
  3. Sneezing.
  4. You often coughing and wheezing when you contact with your car.
  5. The hives or rush on the chest and face as well.
  6. Runny nose.

If you suffered several symptoms above, you may suffer with cay allergies. You also able to contact your doctor and asking the best treatment or get cat allergy shots if possible.

Have you known about dog food for skin allergies? Actually, dog can be affected by skin allergies. Most of pet owner think that skin allergies caused by food. So, the best way to treat it is by giving the best dog food that can’t cause any problem. Is there any dog food for skin allergies? Read the information below to know about it.

My Dog has Skin Allergies, What Should I Do?

Some pet owners feel so confuse when their dog have skin allergies. Skin allergies will make the dog looks not good. So, every pet owner usually wants to make their dog has healthy skin. What can be done? Actually, the simple way to solve it is by changing the dog food.

Changing the dog food is simple step we can use for healing dog with skin allergies. Pet owners usually use beef and chicken as dog food. Actually, you can change it to make your dog healthier. For example, you can change chicken and beef using salmon meat. Why we have to choose salmon meat? It is because salmon meat is so good for eye and skin health. When it is consumed by our dog, our dog will have healthy skin and free of skin allergies.

Recommended Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Not only changing dog food, we can also give best dog food to make our dog free of skin allergies. What are best dog foods for skin allergies? Here are some recommended dog foods for your dog which has skin allergies:

  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance is top and trusted brand that is chosen by many pet owners. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient offers best food for dog because made from various nutritional ingredients that will make a dog has healthy skin and free of various skin problems, includes skin allergies.

  • Wellness Simple

It is also good food for dog which has skin allergies. Because containing extra flaxseed oil, it will help boost skin health. Not only that, this dog food has various formulas that will make the dog healthy and free of various diseases, includes skin allergies.

  •  Orijen 6-Fish

Other good dog food for skin allergies is Orijen 6-Fish. It is made from healthy fish that will make the dog healthy and has healthy skin. No wonder if many people choose this food for their dog because it will make their dog healthier.

Those are some information for you about dog food for skin allergies, and hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

Many people want to know about the symptoms of cat allergies. Cat allergies cases are commonly found in various countries. It means there are so many people who have got cat allergy. Most cases of allergies are also cat allergies. Read the information below to know more about the symptoms of cat allergies and the best way to solve it.

What are Symptoms of Cat Allergies?

Cat allergies can be caused by various factors. The trigger of cat allergies called as allergens. Allergens can came from cat dander (dead skin), urine, salivary glands, and many more. Actually, allergens can’t be seen clearly. It looks so small, even we can’t see it. So, allergens will easily affect us.

People with cat allergies usually get cat allergies because of heredity. It means that people with cat allergies has family member who has cat allergies too. So, be careful if your family member has cat allergies. It means you have a risk to get cat allergies.

What are the symptoms of cat allergies? The common symptoms of cat allergies are swelling and itching of membranes around nose and eyes, stuffy nose and eye inflammation. Skin area where there is cat’s scratch will also be red. Not only that, people with cat allergies usually develops a rash on their neck, face, and upper chest. When the allergens affect lungs, it will cause coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing.

How to Treat Cat Allergies

For you who have cat allergies and want to treat it well, you can use some tips below:

  • You can use some medications to treat cat allergies, such as antihistamines, corticosteroids, over the counter decongestant spray, cromolyn sodium, and leukotriene modifiers. But, you are better to consult it first to your doctor. You can also request allergy shot from your doctor to treat your cat allergy.
  • Ban the cat from your bedroom. It is simple step to avoid allergens attach on your stuff. Not only ban your cat from your bedroom, you can also wash your hands after touching a cat. It will help you to avoid cat allergies.
  • Install an air cleaner. It is also good idea to clean the air in your environment. For avoiding allergens, you can also use a face mask during cleaning your home.

Those are some information for you about the symptoms of cat allergies and also some tips to treat cat allergies. Hopefully the information about symptoms of cat allergies above will be useful for you.