Colon Cancer Stage 3: Symptom, Signs, and Stages

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Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms are blatant and you can definitely notice it. Before understanding what colorectal cancer is, it will be much helpful if you understand the body parts that are affected by the cancer. When the cancer starts in the colon then it is called the colon cancer. When the cancer affects the rectum, it is called as rectal cancer. But when the cancer affects both organs then it is referred to colorectal cancer.

Generally, the cancer is developed by time due to precancerous polyps that grow after several stages abnormalities in the DNA. The main cause of this cancer is still unknown until this day. But if you ask about the risk factor, it includes the family history of this cancer both rectal and colon and lifestyle (diet, smoking, alcohol intake, and inflammatory bowel disease).

Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms: The signs and symptoms

Sadly to say, some cancers that affect colorectal do not show the symptoms and signs until certain stage. Due to this reason, it is important get screening or examination for colorectal. The screening can help you in identifying the problems in early stage. For colorectal cancer, colonoscopy would be the best screening evaluation.

Still, this cancer is also associated to some symptoms and signs too. Bleeding could be the early symptom of this cancer. Tumor often bleeds but in small amounts. The other symptoms and signs are such as:

  • Bowel habit changes
  • Bleeding in or on the stool
  • Sudden anemia
  • Pain on the abdominal and bloating
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting

If you found one or more symptoms like above on your body, you better see the doctor immediate. You need to be evaluated and the doctor will suggest the next step that should be taken. The cancer that is found earlier could be easily treated and save your life too.

Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms: The stage

Colon cancer is divided into 4 stages, just like the other kinds of cancer. When you are diagnosed as stage 3 of colon cancer then it might be pretty serious. Stage 3 of colon or colorectal cancer is considered as the advance stage. The disease is already spread to the lymph node too. The colon cancer needs surgery to be done in the first place and then the chemotherapy will follow. When the case is rectal cancer, the radiation and chemotherapy will precede and the surgery will follow. Be aware of colon cancer stage 3 symptoms.

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