Does Medicare Cover Wigs for Cancer Patients?

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Does Medicare cover wigs for cancer patients? This question may appear when we talk about the role of Medicare for cancer patients. Before talking about it, let’s we talk about Medicare first. Read the information below to know more about Medicare and the role of Medicare for cancer patients.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance program in US that is organized by government and provided for US citizen who are older than 65 years old or has disabilities. People with disabilities and people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are also able to use the service of Medicare.  But although it is health insurance provided by government, but it doesn’t mean you can use it without any payments. So, consider it well when you want to take this health insurance.

Talking about disease can be suffered by people older than 65 years old, there are so many diseases can be suffered. For example is cancer. Cancer cases commonly suffered by various ages, includes people who are older than 65. Sometime, many people want to know whether Medicare cover wigs for cancer patient or not. Actually, Medicare doesn’t pay for wigs directly. If you want to submit claim to Medicare for covering wigs, you have to do some steps.

How to Submit to Medicare for a Wig

As mentioned before, we can do some steps to submit to Medicare for wigs. What are the steps? Here are the steps you can follow to submit to Medicare for wigs:

  • You have to obtain a prescription for hairpiece or a wig. Your doctor will write it for you when you lose your hair. It happens when you are in condition after chemotherapy or other related condition.
  • You have to enroll Medicare Part B. As we know that Medicare divided into 4 categories, which are part A, B, C, and D. If you want Medicare to cover wigs, you have to enroll in part B. But, part B is prerequisite before you can participate in part C. So, part B will not pay directly for your wig.
  • You have to enroll in Part C (Medicare Advantage). It allows eligible seniors to access Medicare benefits through contacting managed company.
  • Submit the claim to Medicare advantaged company.

Well, those are some information for you about Medicare and the way to submit to Medicare for a wig. You can use the information above as your reference. Finally, hopefully the information about does Medicare cover wigs for cancer patients above will be useful for you.

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