Essential Oils for Liver Cancer as the Natural yet Effective Holistic Treatment

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Using essential oils for liver cancer is one of the natural holistic treatments in dealing with the disease. Of course, suffering from cancer is not a good thing and no one expects for being the sufferer. However, if the cancer has just detected to be growing in your body, as like the liver cancer, it does not mean the world is end. You need to keep on fire and keep your spirit to be always alive and strong. That is the key for you to be survived. Your mental condition will affect much to your condition especially if you are with cancer. It means you could not give up at all. It is really common to be really sad and down when you know that fact but you need to rise and build your spirit to be fit and fight against the cancer with your power. One of the ideas is through the natural holistic treatments besides the conventional medication. It is including using the essential oils.

Recommendations of Essential Oils for Fighting Against Liver Cancer

When we are talking about essential oils, there will be the long lists which you can find. However, as the ideas of the effective essential oils for liver cancer, we will share the recommendations for you. One of them is frankincense oil. Some studies also show that this kind of oil is great in killing the cancer cells effectively. Frankincense is also effective to boost the immune system of the body which means it can help you to get the better power to fight against cancer. There are also other kinds of essential oils which you can choose to help you fighting against this disease. Some of them which are really recommended for the liver cancer are turmeric essential oil, thyme essential oil, oregano essential oil, and so on. The key for getting the effective result is always to choose the pure essential oil since it is the real therapeutic grade one which gives the good effects.

How to Use Essential Oils for Liver Cancer

Using the essential oils to treat cancer as like the liver cancer can be through some ways. Besides diffusing, one of the common yet most recommended ways is by applying it topically. One of the ideas of the recipe is by blending 25 drops of frankincense oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, and also 2 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil as the carrier oil. You can dilute some types of essential oils in the carrier oil and apply the blend to your feet bottoms while having some gentle massage. Then, apply it to the spine and spinal cord or on the back of the neck. Actually, many say that you can take it oral but you need to be sure about it by consulting it to the experts first in dealing with the essential oils for liver cancer orally.

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