Has Anyone Ever Survived Stage 4 Lung Cancer? Let’s Find It Out

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Nowadays, people are always try hard to maintain their healthiness in some various ways, starting from how the way they are choosing their food to be consumed and save their busy time for go to the gym to work out in order to have a healthier life. All of those things are able to avoid the possibility in having some diseases into our bodies. For instance, the deadly disease such as lung cancer is very danger, That is why you need to concern about any kinds of food that you consume and try to start work out for your body need. Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? It is very hard to remove the lung cancer from our body, but there are some ways that you can do, you can choose whether you want to heal it or avoid it, it will be discussed on the paragraph below.

How to avoid stage 4 lung cancer

Stage 4 lung cancer is so deadly, that is why you need to make yourself keep healthy. The first rule that you should be obeyed if you do not want to have a lung cancer is start to stop smoking. The high possibility to get a lung cancer is man, because they are often to smoke instead of woman. It is not only that, you also have to avoid in being a passive smoker, it is more danger than an active smoker. Then, the selection of your food is very determining, you need to more consume fruits and vegetables, and choose a low fat food menu. The last one is less consume much of vitamins which is contained by tablet, because some of them are giving you bad side effects.

How to avoid stage 4 lung cancer

There is no such a late to be healed, for you who have your own friend or even yourself who have a stage 4 lung cancer, the only thing that you have to do Is healing the disease immediately. There are some ways that you can do as an effort to heal from the disease. For example, You have to do a chemotherapy method, and consume some medications which are particularly made to kill cancer sell, and to inhibit the spread and the grow of the cancer sell. You could also do a palliative method which is the last thing that doctor can do to increase the quality of your life such as decreasing the feel of your pain. So, has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? The answer is yes.

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