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Infra Red Home Walker with Reflexology therapy

Infra Red Home Walker with Reflexology therapy
Infra Red Home Walker with Reflexology therapy Infra Red Home Walker with Reflexology therapy
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Infra Red Home Walker with Reflexology therapy


Infrared morning walker machine is the most upgraded model among morning walkers. With handy digital remote control, adjustable 10 speed swinging speed, 2 Speed Vibration for Acupressure and reflexology, Infra red and Magneto therapy.

Health benefits of walking are tremendous and yes we all know about it. We also get motivated to start walking but getting up in the morning after late nights and going for a walk after a tiring days work is close to impossible. Considering these facts, the Infrared Walking Machine or you may know it as the morning Walker gives you much more health benefits in Just 15 mins.

Features of morningwalker

1. Has 10 speed side to side Swinging Speed
2. Has a 2 level speed Vibration for Acupressure therapy
3. Has an Infrared light to relieve you of the hidden joint pains or unidentified pains and to detoxify our body.
4. Magneto therapy to stay painless
5. Digital Remote Control

Let’s see how this home walker actually helps to improve your health and lose weight


1. The Machine acts as a home Jogger and gives you all the benefits of brisk walking and jogging and is best for weight loss and getting back in shape.

2. Increases Blood Circulation - less blood flow causes blood clots and disturbs the flow of oxygen to our vital organs. So increased blood circulation is very important to carry oxygen to the organs and cells for a healthy heart. It promotes cell growth and healthy organ functions.

3. Cuts your risk of suffering from Hypertension and Diabeties

4. Acupressure Therapy - There are more than 30 pressure points in the soul of our feet. By keeping your feet on the Vibration part of the morning walker, there is direct pressure applied to the pressure points which promotes a healing response (or reflex) in the corresponding body organs. This heals any kind of problems affecting the functioning of the organs.

5. Infrared Therapy - Infrared heat helps in healing pain faster as the infrared heat penetrates deep in the body. It helps in tissue repair. It also helps in draining out toxins.

6. Magneto therapy: The Home walker has Magnets which is another healing source for pain and also increases blood circulation.

7. this home walking machine benefits persons suffering from Diabeties, High Blood Pressure, Joint Pains, Arthritis, Obesity, Organ Functioning problems and Cardiac Problems. Overall, If you start using the Landmark Infrared Morning Walker a lot of health risks will be minimized, You will be slim and back in shape and heal any kind of health problems. Moreover, morning walker price is affordable and people can buy morning walker online.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Landmark Infrared Morning Walker

Watts: 50 Voltages: 230

Warranty: 1 Year Sellers Warranty

Freebies: 1. Sauna belt AND 1 twister


>1Home Infra Chi Walker

> 1 Twister

> 1 Sauna Belt

> 1 User Manual 


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