Knowing More about the Cervical Cancer Survival Rate

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Knowing the cervical cancer survival rate is a good thing since it becomes one of the important points to know related to the cervical cancer. That is even needed to be known by all women, even for them who are not diagnosed with this disease. It is like the general information about cervical cancer which any women need to know especially before they are affected by the cancer. It will also be the part of the information which will give you an overview about the cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the types of cancers which are suffered by a lot of women in the world. The late diagnose will result the worst thing so that getting the proper information as much as possible is important for any women. That will help them to be more aware of this deathful disease. Then, the common question among women especially who have been diagnosed suffering from cervical cancer is the survival rate. That will help them to know the chance of life especially from the previous experiences of others who have suffered from this disease.

5 Year Survival Rate of Cervical Cancer

What is meant by the 5 year survival rate of the cervical cancer is about the statistic for the 5 year of the survival of the cervical cancer survivor. The 5 year cervical cancer survival rate is about 68%. That means about 68 people out of 100 people can be survived until 5 years after they are diagnosed with the cervical cancer. Then, of course we want to know the more term of survival rate for the cervical cancer. The ten year rate for this cancer is about 64 percents. However, that is not the final factor since a lot of other factors which affect to the survival rate.

The Stage Play an Important Role

As said before, the survival rate of the cervical cancer is affected by a lot of factors, including the factor of the cancer stage which plays the essential role. If it is detected when it is still in the early stage of the cervical cancer, the rate of the survival can be higher, about 92 percents. In the opposite, when it has spread over the various organs around the cervical, the rate is getting lower, and even it is only about 50%. That will be much worse when it has getting spread to the organs which are distant, the 5 year cervical cancer survival rates will be only about 16%. Still, you need to remember that the cervical cancer survival rate is only an estimate which still be affected by other factors.

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