Lung Cancer Symptoms in Females

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Have you ever thought about the lung cancer symptoms in females? Lung cancer is known as one of the diseases commonly suffered by males. Of course, it is related to their smoking habits for sure. However, it is actually such a general disease in fact. It can be defined as deathly abnormal cells which are grown so rapidly within the cells of lung. As you may already know, lung consists of two pieces of organ with sponge-like structure that can be swollen and tightened when someone is breathing. There are some things you should know related to this cancer in females. Here they are.


There are some causes why a female can be suffered from lung cancer. The first is due to the smoke. It is whether the female is being the active or passive smokers. There is a research that one from ten passive smokers is the lung cancer patient. That’s why even a female is basically not a smoker, the cancer can just attack her lung. There are also some other kinds of radiation that can cause cancer including asbestos and air pollutions. If this is the case, indeed, keeping our environment healthy is the key point to avoid lung cancer.


At the first stage of lung cancer, there is commonly no any visible symptom detected. However, it can be felt after the following stages. Some of the symptoms that can be simply felt are cough followed by bleeding and done for a long time, pain on the chest, hardly breathing, pneumonia or bronchitis, headache and others. If you have those symptoms while realizing as well that you are a smoker whether it is active or passive, you must check it up as soon as possible.


There are some treatments to be done to detect and cure or relieve the lung cancers. For detecting the presence of cancer, you can use X-ray, CT-scan, biopsy and checking the sputum. On the other hand, for curing it, there are many considerations must be done like considering the holistic health, type and stadium of the cancer itself. The common thing is by doing therapy like chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs. Meanwhile, operation is rarely done since the risks are higher when we compare it to operation for other cancers. If the cancer is still in the beginning stadiums, the treatment can be much easier like consuming drugs and checking up regularly to make sure that the cancer growth is lessened or not. It is then what you should know about the lung cancer symptoms in females.

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