The info of stomach cancer survival rate is something needed especially for people who are diagnosed having this cancer. That is a good idea for finding the information since it will also be able giving a bit more spirit for struggling the day with the series of cancer treatments. In addition, getting the complete more information related to the stomach cancer will be a good idea. The better yet complete information will help us dealing with the disease properly and know well what happens to the body is actually. People who are diagnosed with any kinds or types of cancer often give up and have no idea at all for what they do. They also have no more spirit to do anything else. By knowing well about the disease and also the survival rate, it will help them to rise up and get back their spirit to struggle and fight against the disease. It is including for them who are suffering from the stomach cancer. Thus, it is totally clear that finding some more info related to the disease or cancer is really important especially if you find someone you love or even yourself is suffering from cancer, as like the stomach cancer.

Stomach Cancer 5-Year Survival Rates

The 5-year survival rates of stomach cancer which we mean hear is about the percent of the cancer sufferers live for at least five years. It is counted after the cancer is detected. The 5-year stomach cancer survival rate is about thirty percents when the cancer is found or diagnosed after it has spread to another area of the body. In the other hand, if it is diagnosed before it is getting spread, then the survival rates is higher. Commonly the survival rate is more than 65%. If the cancer has spread to the other body part which is so distant, the rate becomes only about five percents. Still, that is not the absolute percentage since some factors will affect much to the rates. Once again, it is only the statistic of the cases which have happened.

Some Factors that Affect the Survival Rates

As mentioned above, there are some factors which affect the stomach cancer survival rate. One of them is about when it is diagnosed. It is including about in what stage is the cancer when it is firstly diagnosed, and whether it has spread or not yet. The condition and stage when the surgery is taken will also affect the survival rate of this cancer. Sure, the treatment, lifestyle, and what is consumed will also play the role regarding to the stomach cancer survival rate.

Nowadays, people are always try hard to maintain their healthiness in some various ways, starting from how the way they are choosing their food to be consumed and save their busy time for go to the gym to work out in order to have a healthier life. All of those things are able to avoid the possibility in having some diseases into our bodies. For instance, the deadly disease such as lung cancer is very danger, That is why you need to concern about any kinds of food that you consume and try to start work out for your body need. Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? It is very hard to remove the lung cancer from our body, but there are some ways that you can do, you can choose whether you want to heal it or avoid it, it will be discussed on the paragraph below.

How to avoid stage 4 lung cancer

Stage 4 lung cancer is so deadly, that is why you need to make yourself keep healthy. The first rule that you should be obeyed if you do not want to have a lung cancer is start to stop smoking. The high possibility to get a lung cancer is man, because they are often to smoke instead of woman. It is not only that, you also have to avoid in being a passive smoker, it is more danger than an active smoker. Then, the selection of your food is very determining, you need to more consume fruits and vegetables, and choose a low fat food menu. The last one is less consume much of vitamins which is contained by tablet, because some of them are giving you bad side effects.

How to avoid stage 4 lung cancer

There is no such a late to be healed, for you who have your own friend or even yourself who have a stage 4 lung cancer, the only thing that you have to do Is healing the disease immediately. There are some ways that you can do as an effort to heal from the disease. For example, You have to do a chemotherapy method, and consume some medications which are particularly made to kill cancer sell, and to inhibit the spread and the grow of the cancer sell. You could also do a palliative method which is the last thing that doctor can do to increase the quality of your life such as decreasing the feel of your pain. So, has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? The answer is yes.

Wearing children’s allergy bracelets can be one of the ideas you can notice if you have kids with allergy. Sometimes, it is not that really easy having kids with allergy since we, as parents, need to be much more careful. We have to monitor anything much more even in some cases it would not be easy to do. We could not always keep our eyes of the kids since there are many things which have to be done as well. That is especially if the kids are at school. We could not monitor the kids every single time anymore. That is why then, we need to do much more effort to ensure that they are going to be still okay at their place even when they are not with us. One of the ways is by making people around our kid notice that he or she has allergy. That will help them to be a bit careful, for example not to give the random foods to our kid, or anything else. One of the ideas to do in dealing with the condition is about wearing the allergy bracelets. Now, we can easily find it, but beforehand it is better to know the pros and cons.

Pros of Wearing Allergy Bracelets for Kids

Wearing the children’s allergy bracelets sound like a good idea since a lot of people recommend it to be worn by the kids with allergy. That is reasonable since wearing the allergy bracelets will help people around the kid notice that our kid has such the allergy. They will also notice some foods or even stuff which cause the allergy, or the allergens. It will help decreasing the risk of the allergy by decreasing the contamination of the allergens. Thus, even though we could not always keep our eyes of the kid, we can at least lower the risk of the allergen contamination by wearing the kids the allergy bracelet.

Cons of Wearing Allergy Bracelets for Kids

Besides the pros of wearing the allergy bracelets for kids, we also need to notice some possible cons. One of the cons is that there will be many people who know about the condition of our kid. That may make the kids feel uncomfortable sometimes. That is especially for the school age kids. In addition, sometimes some kids do not feel comfortable wearing bracelets, so they often pull it off. Still, it would not be too worrying as long as we choose the right children’s allergy bracelets, everything will be alright.

Knowing the cervical cancer survival rate is a good thing since it becomes one of the important points to know related to the cervical cancer. That is even needed to be known by all women, even for them who are not diagnosed with this disease. It is like the general information about cervical cancer which any women need to know especially before they are affected by the cancer. It will also be the part of the information which will give you an overview about the cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the types of cancers which are suffered by a lot of women in the world. The late diagnose will result the worst thing so that getting the proper information as much as possible is important for any women. That will help them to be more aware of this deathful disease. Then, the common question among women especially who have been diagnosed suffering from cervical cancer is the survival rate. That will help them to know the chance of life especially from the previous experiences of others who have suffered from this disease.

5 Year Survival Rate of Cervical Cancer

What is meant by the 5 year survival rate of the cervical cancer is about the statistic for the 5 year of the survival of the cervical cancer survivor. The 5 year cervical cancer survival rate is about 68%. That means about 68 people out of 100 people can be survived until 5 years after they are diagnosed with the cervical cancer. Then, of course we want to know the more term of survival rate for the cervical cancer. The ten year rate for this cancer is about 64 percents. However, that is not the final factor since a lot of other factors which affect to the survival rate.

The Stage Play an Important Role

As said before, the survival rate of the cervical cancer is affected by a lot of factors, including the factor of the cancer stage which plays the essential role. If it is detected when it is still in the early stage of the cervical cancer, the rate of the survival can be higher, about 92 percents. In the opposite, when it has spread over the various organs around the cervical, the rate is getting lower, and even it is only about 50%. That will be much worse when it has getting spread to the organs which are distant, the 5 year cervical cancer survival rates will be only about 16%. Still, you need to remember that the cervical cancer survival rate is only an estimate which still be affected by other factors.

Bladder cancer survival rate – bladder cancer is basically related to the abnormal and malignant growth or cell or known also as tumor on the wall of bladder. The function of bladder itself is to place urine before it is taken out while we are urinating. In general, the patients of bladder cancer are the elder people. Even if it has been treated, the patients must continue their healing like in the form of therapy as it has more risks to be grown some more times. The cancer from bladder can be spreading to other parts of body particularly the muscles. If you realize some symptoms like bleeding while urinating, urinating too often with pain, and feeling painful on the back, you should checkup your condition as soon as possible.

The Stadiums

Once a patient positively has bladder cancer, he or she must follow some checkups to know the level or stadium of the cancer itself. There are mainly some levels of bladder cancer; they are divided into four stadiums. The first stadium is when the cancer is still only inside the bladder no spreading to other parts of the body. The second stadium is when all parts of bladder are already in cancer. The third stadium is when the cancer cells are already spreading outside the bladder. Lastly, the fourth or last stadium is when other vital organs like lung, lymph gland, or liver has been infected by the cancer. There are some treatments you can do to be cured. Of course, the one to be chosen must be based on the condition. Those treatments are operation or removing the cancer, partial sistektomi, and immunotherapy. Partial sistektomi is removing the cancer as well as the parts of your bladder that has been infected. Meanwhile, immunotherapy is creating additional immune system against the cancer cells.

The Survival Rates

Talking about the survival rates, it seems any cancer including bladder cancer cannot be simply cured or even the possibility is under 10% when it is already in the fourth stadium. Unfortunately, the less possibility for being cured is also for the third stadium. Why? It is because the cancer has already in all parts of the bladder. It is even impossible to do the operation as the bladder itself is a really important organ within our body. Meanwhile, stadium one and two of bladder cancer still has some possibilities to be cured by proper treatment and healthy lifestyle. It is then the bladder cancer survival rate you should know.

How fast does bladder cancer grow? This question may appear when we talk about bladder cancer. Actually, there are so many factors that influence the condition of bladder cancer. Read the information below to know more about bladder cancer, how fast it grows, and also the symptoms of it.

The Growth of Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer which attacks bladder. The cancer cells will attack cells on the layer of bladder. Although the cancer can be suffered by many people, but people who have old age will have higher risk to suffer this cancer. There are so many factors that become the causes of bladder cancer, such as smoking, infection, and radiation.

Taking about how fast does bladder cancer grow, bladder cancer can grow so fast if it can’t be treated well. The growth of bladder cancer is also influenced by the type of cancer cell. As we know that cancer cell is varies. Some type of cancer cells can attack the body’s cell so fast, but some types are low to attack body cell. Not only that, the growth of bladder cancer can be influenced by general health, age, and many conditions.

The Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer has various symptoms, such as:

  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)- urine may appear as red or cola colored. Or urine may appear normal, but blood can be detected in urine microscopic examination.
  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urination
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain

We know that the symptoms of bladder cancer will make us feel uncomfortable and suffer painful condition. So, we have to do some tips to prevent bladder cancer. First, we have to consume healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. It will prevent bladder cancer.

Not only that, we can also consume a lot of mineral water. It helps us to get healthy bladder. When we consume a lot of mineral water, it will reduce the toxin in bladder, so we can prevent bladder cancer. And don’t forget to avoid bad habit. Many cases of bladder cancer are caused by smoking habit. So if you want to be free of bladder cancer, you are better to avoid smoking.

Well, those are some information for you about the growth of bladder cancer and also the symptoms of it. You can use the information above as your reference, whenever you need information about bladder cancer. Finally, hopefully the information about how fast does bladder cancer grow above will be useful for you.

Have you ever thought about the lung cancer symptoms in females? Lung cancer is known as one of the diseases commonly suffered by males. Of course, it is related to their smoking habits for sure. However, it is actually such a general disease in fact. It can be defined as deathly abnormal cells which are grown so rapidly within the cells of lung. As you may already know, lung consists of two pieces of organ with sponge-like structure that can be swollen and tightened when someone is breathing. There are some things you should know related to this cancer in females. Here they are.


There are some causes why a female can be suffered from lung cancer. The first is due to the smoke. It is whether the female is being the active or passive smokers. There is a research that one from ten passive smokers is the lung cancer patient. That’s why even a female is basically not a smoker, the cancer can just attack her lung. There are also some other kinds of radiation that can cause cancer including asbestos and air pollutions. If this is the case, indeed, keeping our environment healthy is the key point to avoid lung cancer.


At the first stage of lung cancer, there is commonly no any visible symptom detected. However, it can be felt after the following stages. Some of the symptoms that can be simply felt are cough followed by bleeding and done for a long time, pain on the chest, hardly breathing, pneumonia or bronchitis, headache and others. If you have those symptoms while realizing as well that you are a smoker whether it is active or passive, you must check it up as soon as possible.


There are some treatments to be done to detect and cure or relieve the lung cancers. For detecting the presence of cancer, you can use X-ray, CT-scan, biopsy and checking the sputum. On the other hand, for curing it, there are many considerations must be done like considering the holistic health, type and stadium of the cancer itself. The common thing is by doing therapy like chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs. Meanwhile, operation is rarely done since the risks are higher when we compare it to operation for other cancers. If the cancer is still in the beginning stadiums, the treatment can be much easier like consuming drugs and checking up regularly to make sure that the cancer growth is lessened or not. It is then what you should know about the lung cancer symptoms in females.

Knowing about the symptoms of milk allergy is so important, especially for parent. Nowadays, milk allergy is common allergy that is suffered by baby and children. As parent, we have to know the symptoms of milk allergy, so we can do many ways to solve that allergy. Read the information below to know more about milk allergy symptoms and steps to solve the allergy.

What are Symptoms of Milk Allergy?

Milk allergy is popular allergy can be suffered by baby and children. When babies in 3 years old, they have a risk to get milk allergy. But, it doesn’t mean every baby has a risk to get this allergy. Sometime, milk allergy caused by various factors.

The symptoms of milk allergy usually appear after 3 hours consuming milk. The symptoms of milk allergy are so varies, and every child has different symptoms, it based on their condition. The common symptoms of milk allergy are red and itchy spots on the skin, difficulty breath, nausea and gag. But, those common symptoms usually accompanied by other symptoms. As we know that every child has different condition. In some cases, children usually suffer various symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach cram, cough, asthma, watery nose, watery eyes, itchy mouth, and colic.

How to Prevent Milk Allergy

Actually, milk allergy is not simple condition. It needs best treatment to make it goes away and doesn’t attack our child anymore. Milk allergy usually caused by protein on milk, which are casein and whey. We don’t know what protein that cause allergy to our child. But to prevent it, we have to take care of our child and avoid various milk or dairy product to prevent milk allergy.

Child always wants to consume various snack, biscuit, and other food. But if our child has milk allergy, we have to be smart parent that can avoid our child from milk product. You are better to make food or snack that doesn’t contain milk. It will help your child to avoid milk product. Although milk is so delicious, but taking care of our child is more important. So, try to create delicious snack from other ingredient. When the snack has good appearance and taste, your child will want to eat it. And then, your child will be free of milk allergy.

Those are some information for you about symptoms of milk allergy and tips for preventing milk allergies. Hopefully the information about symptoms of milk allergy above will be helpful for you.

Is there alpha gal allergy cure? Suffering from alpha gal allergy is very frustrating for some people. Because of this allergy, they will suffer from allergic reactions after eating meat. Similar to other allergies, alpha gal allergy cannot be treated. People who suffer from this condition can only ease the allergy symptoms.

More about alpha gal allergy

If you think that you are suffering from alpha gal allergy, you need to find out more about this allergy. People who suffer from this condition will react to galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose or alpha gal. This substance is usually found in mammalian meat, such as beef, pork, and mutton.

People who live in southern U.S have more chance to develop this allergy. It is because Ione star tick mainly found in this area. Those who get this tick bites will develop meat allergy. This particular allergy is slightly different from other allergies. The allergic reactions from eating mammalian meat usually take several hours to appear. Therefore, you will not suffer meat allergy symptoms immediately after eating meat.

The symptoms of meat allergy are:

  • Skin rash
  • Nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Asthma
  • Headache
  • Anaphylaxis

Treating meat allergy symptoms

Meat allergy cannot be cured. However, experts said that this allergy can recede over time. Those who suffer from meat allergy may be free from this allergy in 8 months up to 5 years. To recover from meat allergy, ones must avoid getting another tick bite in the future. Before you recover, you need to manage this allergy. If you don’t manage it well, you can be in danger of suffering a deadly allergic reaction, i.e. anaphylaxis.

If you are diagnosed with alpha gal allergy, you need to avoid red meat in your diet. Some people with this allergy will get allergic reaction simply by touching red meat when cooking. Therefore, you really need to stay away from red meat and foods that contain red meats. If you accidentally eat food that contains mammalian meals, you need to take antihistamine right away. This medication can reduce skins rush, runny nose, and sneezing.

People with meat allergy may need epinephrine shot. This shot can prevent anaphylaxis. If you have severe meat allergic reactions, you must have this shot as soon as possible. Some of the severe reactions are trouble swallowing and breathing, tightness in the throat, shortness of breath, and weak pulse. Bringing epinephrine auto-injector everywhere can save your life. You can get alpha gal allergy cure if you protect yourself from tick bites and capable of managing your allergy.

Does Medicare cover wigs for cancer patients? This question may appear when we talk about the role of Medicare for cancer patients. Before talking about it, let’s we talk about Medicare first. Read the information below to know more about Medicare and the role of Medicare for cancer patients.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance program in US that is organized by government and provided for US citizen who are older than 65 years old or has disabilities. People with disabilities and people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are also able to use the service of Medicare.  But although it is health insurance provided by government, but it doesn’t mean you can use it without any payments. So, consider it well when you want to take this health insurance.

Talking about disease can be suffered by people older than 65 years old, there are so many diseases can be suffered. For example is cancer. Cancer cases commonly suffered by various ages, includes people who are older than 65. Sometime, many people want to know whether Medicare cover wigs for cancer patient or not. Actually, Medicare doesn’t pay for wigs directly. If you want to submit claim to Medicare for covering wigs, you have to do some steps.

How to Submit to Medicare for a Wig

As mentioned before, we can do some steps to submit to Medicare for wigs. What are the steps? Here are the steps you can follow to submit to Medicare for wigs:

  • You have to obtain a prescription for hairpiece or a wig. Your doctor will write it for you when you lose your hair. It happens when you are in condition after chemotherapy or other related condition.
  • You have to enroll Medicare Part B. As we know that Medicare divided into 4 categories, which are part A, B, C, and D. If you want Medicare to cover wigs, you have to enroll in part B. But, part B is prerequisite before you can participate in part C. So, part B will not pay directly for your wig.
  • You have to enroll in Part C (Medicare Advantage). It allows eligible seniors to access Medicare benefits through contacting managed company.
  • Submit the claim to Medicare advantaged company.

Well, those are some information for you about Medicare and the way to submit to Medicare for a wig. You can use the information above as your reference. Finally, hopefully the information about does Medicare cover wigs for cancer patients above will be useful for you.