Pancreatic cancer is a disease caused by the growing tumor in the pancreas. The pancreas is a large gland that is part of the digestive system. The pancreas has a length of about 15 cm. This cancer can affect women and men. This cancer usually attacks in people over the age of 75 years. The pancreas has a very important function for the body. The pancreas is responsible for producing digestive enzymes. This enzyme can break down food so it can be absorbed by the body properly. The pancreas also produces the hormone insulin so as to keep blood sugar levels in the body to remain stable.

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer does not cause symptoms in the early stages so that the doctor will be difficult to diagnose. Symptoms that occur in advanced stages of pancreatic cancer depend on the part of the pancreas gland cancer. The pancreas has two network nodes. The first is the exocrine glands that serve to produce digestive enzymes. The second is an endocrine gland whose function is to produce hormones. Exocrine glands are the glands most often affected by pancreatic cancer. Symptoms of this cancer are abdominal pain, back pain, weight loss, jaundice, fever, loss of appetite, changes in the pattern of bowel movements, indigestion, nausea, itching, vomiting, easy blood clot, diabetes, and chills.

Pancreatic Cancer Causes

Until now the cause of pancreatic cancer is not known, but there are some factors that can increase the risk of pancreatic disease. Diabetes can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. The malignant tumor that grows in the pancreas can cause diabetes. Smoking can cause the organs and tissues in the body experience irritation and inflammation that cause pancreatic cancer. People who are obese and do not do the physical activity can be affected by this disease. People over the age of 75 years and do not have a healthy lifestyle can also be affected by pancreatic cancer. People who have had inflammation of the pancreas can be affected by this cancer.

Medication of Pancreatic Cancer

The treatments were performed on each patient has different. There are several factors that determine the type of treatment that should be performed in such patients. These factors are the patient’s overall health condition, a cancerous pancreas, extensive spread of cancer, stage of cancer, and the patient’s age. The treatment is performed to remove the tumor and cancer cells in the body. If it does not do so, the doctor will do a treatment to prevent tumor grows larger and endanger patients. Doctors can perform surgery to treat pancreatic cancer. The other way is chemotherapy. This is done to kill malignant cancer cells and prevent the growth of these cancers with anticancer drugs. The drug is administered before and after surgery. Radiotherapy is a cancer therapy that is carried out with high radiation beams to relieve pain in patients and shrink tumors. Hopefully, this review can be answered what are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer survival rates are going to tell you about the portion of patients with the same cancer and the same stage of it that are still alive. The period is commonly 5 years after the first diagnosed. Of course no one could tell you how long you are going to live, but the rates could probably tell you about better understanding and what treatments that will be successful based on the stage of the cancer itself. Well, some people want to know about how the cancer is doing with their body but the rest of them do not want to. So, if you do not want to know, you can choose to not reading this article though.

Pancreatic cancer survival rates do not tell the whole story

Thing you should know is if the survival rate will not tell you the whole story. The rates are based on the previous outcome of the numbers of people that had the illness. But they cannot predict the specific thing that is going to happen in specific case. Other than that, there are also several limitations of the rates that you need to know, such as:

  • The number you get is based on the most current available. But if you want to know the 5-year survival rates then the doctor will look at the patients that were treated in 5 years ago.
  • The statistic is also based on the cancer stage that was initially diagnosed. It cannot to be used for identified the cancer the spreads or come back.
  • The outlook will be different from one another patient based on the cancer stage in general. Also in general, survival rates for patients with earlier stage will be higher. But there are also several factors that will affect a person’s outlook such as the age and health condition in overall.

Pancreatic cancer survival rates: Can the cancer be found early?

We should say that pancreatic is hard to be diagnosed in earlier stage. Pancreas itself is located down deep human’s body. It also means that the small tumor in it could only be seen by using health care providers if you do the physical exams. So, it is important to do routine medical exams to update your health condition. Screening is highly recommended for people who have no symptoms as well as no history about the disease. This article is supposed to remind you about the pancreatic cancer survival rates.

Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms are blatant and you can definitely notice it. Before understanding what colorectal cancer is, it will be much helpful if you understand the body parts that are affected by the cancer. When the cancer starts in the colon then it is called the colon cancer. When the cancer affects the rectum, it is called as rectal cancer. But when the cancer affects both organs then it is referred to colorectal cancer.

Generally, the cancer is developed by time due to precancerous polyps that grow after several stages abnormalities in the DNA. The main cause of this cancer is still unknown until this day. But if you ask about the risk factor, it includes the family history of this cancer both rectal and colon and lifestyle (diet, smoking, alcohol intake, and inflammatory bowel disease).

Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms: The signs and symptoms

Sadly to say, some cancers that affect colorectal do not show the symptoms and signs until certain stage. Due to this reason, it is important get screening or examination for colorectal. The screening can help you in identifying the problems in early stage. For colorectal cancer, colonoscopy would be the best screening evaluation.

Still, this cancer is also associated to some symptoms and signs too. Bleeding could be the early symptom of this cancer. Tumor often bleeds but in small amounts. The other symptoms and signs are such as:

  • Bowel habit changes
  • Bleeding in or on the stool
  • Sudden anemia
  • Pain on the abdominal and bloating
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting

If you found one or more symptoms like above on your body, you better see the doctor immediate. You need to be evaluated and the doctor will suggest the next step that should be taken. The cancer that is found earlier could be easily treated and save your life too.

Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms: The stage

Colon cancer is divided into 4 stages, just like the other kinds of cancer. When you are diagnosed as stage 3 of colon cancer then it might be pretty serious. Stage 3 of colon or colorectal cancer is considered as the advance stage. The disease is already spread to the lymph node too. The colon cancer needs surgery to be done in the first place and then the chemotherapy will follow. When the case is rectal cancer, the radiation and chemotherapy will precede and the surgery will follow. Be aware of colon cancer stage 3 symptoms.

Using essential oils for liver cancer is one of the natural holistic treatments in dealing with the disease. Of course, suffering from cancer is not a good thing and no one expects for being the sufferer. However, if the cancer has just detected to be growing in your body, as like the liver cancer, it does not mean the world is end. You need to keep on fire and keep your spirit to be always alive and strong. That is the key for you to be survived. Your mental condition will affect much to your condition especially if you are with cancer. It means you could not give up at all. It is really common to be really sad and down when you know that fact but you need to rise and build your spirit to be fit and fight against the cancer with your power. One of the ideas is through the natural holistic treatments besides the conventional medication. It is including using the essential oils.

Recommendations of Essential Oils for Fighting Against Liver Cancer

When we are talking about essential oils, there will be the long lists which you can find. However, as the ideas of the effective essential oils for liver cancer, we will share the recommendations for you. One of them is frankincense oil. Some studies also show that this kind of oil is great in killing the cancer cells effectively. Frankincense is also effective to boost the immune system of the body which means it can help you to get the better power to fight against cancer. There are also other kinds of essential oils which you can choose to help you fighting against this disease. Some of them which are really recommended for the liver cancer are turmeric essential oil, thyme essential oil, oregano essential oil, and so on. The key for getting the effective result is always to choose the pure essential oil since it is the real therapeutic grade one which gives the good effects.

How to Use Essential Oils for Liver Cancer

Using the essential oils to treat cancer as like the liver cancer can be through some ways. Besides diffusing, one of the common yet most recommended ways is by applying it topically. One of the ideas of the recipe is by blending 25 drops of frankincense oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, and also 2 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil as the carrier oil. You can dilute some types of essential oils in the carrier oil and apply the blend to your feet bottoms while having some gentle massage. Then, apply it to the spine and spinal cord or on the back of the neck. Actually, many say that you can take it oral but you need to be sure about it by consulting it to the experts first in dealing with the essential oils for liver cancer orally.

Signs of esophageal cancer occur along the esophagus-pipe. This cancer can spread from the esophagus to the stomach. The esophagus serves to bring food that has been ingested into the digestive tract. Cancer cells will form tumors in the mucosal lining of the esophagus and the tumor will grow out through the submukosa. The submukosa is a layer that limits the esophagus, throat and a layer of muscles in the throat. This cancer usually starts in the cells that exist in the esophageal tissue. This cancer can occur anywhere in the portion of the esophagus. Typically this cancer most often occurs in the lower esophagus.

Types of Esophageal Cancer

This cancer is divided based on the type of cells involved in the cancer growth. You must know this to determine the most appropriate treatment options. The first type is Adenocarcinoma. These cancers arise from mucus-producing gland cells in the esophagus. The second type is squamous cell carcinoma. This cancer is in the surface of the esophagus. This cancer occurs in the middle part of the esophagus. This is the most common cancer worldwide. Other types are small cell lung cancer, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and choriocarcinoma.

Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Signs and symptoms of esophageal cancer are as follows:


Pain in the chest

Lost weight suddenly

Difficulty in swallowing

Esophageal Cancer Causes

The cause of this cancer is not clear. This cancer can occur when cells in the esophagus undergo DNA errors. This error can cause cancer to grow and multiply uncontrollably. Accumulation of these cells to form tumors in the esophagus and can invade other tissues. DNA changes caused by chronic irritation may increase the risk of esophageal cancer. Another factor that can cause irritation to the cells of the esophagus is an alcohol, an increase in bile, chewing tobacco, difficulty in swallowing, drinking liquids that are too hot, consume less fruits and vegetables, eat instant foods, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, smoking, radiation therapy to the upper abdomen and chest, pre-cancerous cell changes in the esophagus, and obesity.

Prevention of Esophageal Cancer

You can prevent the occurrence of esophageal cancer by changing bad habits that you do every day. You have to quit chewing tobacco and smoking. Do not drink alcohol. You should eat vegetables and fruit every day. You must maintain an ideal weight so as not obese. You should see a doctor when the symptoms of the above happen to you. The doctor will perform the diagnosis and determine the proper treatment for you. You can consult with oncologists, cancer surgeons and physicians gastroenterologist to reduce pain due to cancer. Those are treatment and Signs of esophageal cancer.

What causes ovarian cancer? Ovarian cancer is a disease that is ranked seventh of the most common types of cancer in women. This cancer develops and grows in the ovary. This cancer is more common in people who are aged over 50 years. Women who have been through the menopause have a higher risk of ovarian cancer. You can prevent this disease by knowing the factors that cause ovarian cancer. Listed below are several factors that can cause women to develop ovarian cancer.


All women can develop ovarian cancer, but women with more than 50 years of age have a greater potential for developing this disease. Women who have been through menopause may develop ovarian cancer with a higher risk. You can do a check up regularly to avoid this disease.


Ovarian cancer can occur in women who are obese. The risk of cancer is higher in women. You have to exercise to remove fat. Fat is deposited in the body can cause dangerous diseases. Research has stated that obesity is one of the causes of ovarian cancer.

First Menstruation before 12 Years Old

Women who get the first period before 12 years old are also at high risk of developing ovarian cancer. You can avoid this cancer with a healthy lifestyle and a good diet.

Smoking Habit

Many women become active smokers and do not realize that smoking is harmful to health products. Cigarettes contain toxic substances that can damage your body. Cigarettes contain harmful substances such as arsenic, tar, ammonia, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and so forth. Smoking can cause your throat cancer and lung cancer.

Had Never Been Pregnant

The woman who has never given birth turned out to have reproductive unsafe. It is a condition that can increase the risk of ovarian cancer. We recommend that you go for a check up to the doctors when not pregnant.

Childbirth Over 30 Years

Childbearing age when you are over 30 years old could trigger ovarian cancer. You have to be more vigilant with the reproductive condition. Do not forget to eat healthy foods and exercise in order not to develop ovarian cancer.

Consumption of Fertility Drugs

Research has shown that ovarian tumors can occur in women whose pregnancies fertility drugs such as clomiphene citrate. You should always consult with your doctor before taking certain medications.

Estrogen Hormone Therapy

This therapy should be done under medical supervision so as not harmful to your body. Estrogen hormone therapy is done with high doses have negative consequences for the body. Therapy is done in a long time will also cause ovarian cancer.


Women who have endometriosis have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Endometriosis is a disorder that occurs in the female reproductive system. This disease appears on the inside lining of the uterus and outside the uterine cavity. Those are some factors that can answer what causes ovarian cancer?

Have you known about uterus cancer symptoms? Knowing about some symptoms of uterus cancer is important to make us able to prevent uterus cancer earlier. Read the information below to know more about uterus cancer symptoms and also the causes of it.

The Symptoms of Uterus Cancer

There are so many types of cancer, and cancer has attacked so many people in the world. Cancer also makes many people feel so desperate and hopeless. Actually, knowing about the symptoms of cancer is really important. By recognizing the symptoms earlier, we will have a chance to prevent severe stage of cancer.

Talking about uterus cancer, uterus cancer is a type of cancer on the deepest layer of uterus (endometrial). It is dangerous cancer because can lower women reproduction system and also cause fatality. Uterus cancer is also leading cause of death in women in the world.  There are some symptoms of uterus cancer, such as below:

  • Bleeding not in menstrual period
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Pain on bottom side of stomach or pelvis
  • Yellowish liquid when urinate
  • Pain when urinate
  • Bleeding after having sex
  • Pain when having sex

When you suffer the symptoms of uterus cancer, you have to go to a doctor. That is the best way to handle uterus cancer. If you go to the doctor earlier, your uterus cancer may be able to be handled.

The Causes of Uterus Cancer

Some people usually want to know the causes of cancer, includes the causes of uterus cancer. Uterus cancer can be caused by various factors. It can be caused by age, life style, and many more. Woman older than 50 years old has higher risk than woman younger than 50 years old.

Woman who always having sex with many men, usually has higher risk to be attacked by uterus cancer. Not only that, your life style also influences this cancer. For example, woman who likes smoking has higher risk to get uterus cancer than woman who doesn’t like smoking. Not only that, uterus cancer can be caused by the condition of uterus. If woman can’t keep the cleanness of their vagina, they have the risk to get uterus cancer. So, try to always keep your health, includes your vagina’s health to avoid uterus cancer.

Well, those are some information for you about the symptoms of uterus cancer and also the causes of uterus cancer. Hopefully the information about uterus cancer symptoms above will be useful for you.

Many people don’t know about the symptoms of eye cancer. Actually, eye cancer is a type of cancer that has various symptoms. Knowing about the symptoms of eye cancer is so important. By knowing the symptoms earlier, we have a chance to prevent severe eye cancer. Read the information below to know more about symptoms of eye cancer and also the causes of it.

What are Symptoms of Eye Cancer?

As mentioned before, there are so many symptoms of eye cancer. But, sometime people don’t aware about it. Even some people don’t suffer symptoms when their eye diagnosed having eye cancer. So, we have to note our eye health and consult to doctor whenever we feel some changes in our eyes. There are some symptoms of eye cancer that should be noted y us, such as below:

  • Black spots appear on the iris of the eyes.
  • Often feel glare
  • Feels there are spots and lines blocking the view
  • Blurred vision or loss of vision capabilities
  • Changes in the pupil shape or tissue around the eye
  • Swelling in one eye
  • Lumps in the eyelid or the eyeball continues to expand

When you suffer from some symptoms mentioned above, you have to consult with a doctor. Don’t be late to handle the symptoms because eye cancer symptoms should be handled earlier. If the symptoms can’t be handled well, it may cause glaucoma, blindness, and other severe condition.

The Causes of Eye Cancer

Actually, there are some factors that cause eye cancer. Here are the common causes of eye cancer:

  • Ultraviolet Ray

Ultraviolet ray can be the cause of eye cancer. So, you are better to use glasses when you have activity in outdoor. It will protect your eyes from ultraviolet ray.

  • Age

The risk of eye cancer will increase when people has old age.

  • Eye Color

Eye color is also the cause of eye cancer. People with bright eye color, such as blue, green, and grey has higher risk to get eye cancer than people with dark eye color.

  • Skin Disorders Derivatives

Skin that has a tendency to form moles on various skin areas of the body, generally at risk of developing into melanoma in the eyes and skin.

Those are some information for you about the symptoms of eye cancer and the causes of it. You can use the information above as your reference whenever you need information about eye cancer. Finally, hopefully the information about the symptoms of eye cancer above will be useful for you.

You may wonder if there any cat allergy shots that may able cure your cat allergy. Living with the cat allergy, whether you are the owner or your family member may be able to increase a lot of questions about it. How is a cat allergy can explain the never ending symptoms. You may regret and give up with their demand to get a cat, despite their allergy. Your cat make the cat allergy get several symptoms that hard to be managed, such as: sneezing, itchy or sniffling mess as well. However you should understand about car allergy to get the best solution and treatment.

What are causes of cat allergy?

Around 10% peoples in US had suffered with pet allergies and cat allergy becomes the most common cause. The cat allergy was about twice as common than the dog allergy. You may think that cat allergy was caused by their hair or fur. However, some cat allergies were really able to get allergic through their protein that you can find in cat’s saliva, dander or urine as well.

So, you may wonder about how these tiny proteins were able cause a car allergic reaction inside their body? Some peoples who have allergies get oversensitive with their immune system. The mistakes inside their body, such as: cat dander was also similar with the viruses or bacteria. The symptoms from the allergy were become the side effects of the allergen. You should note that even you d o not suffer with car allergy, your won car was still able cause your allergies indirectly as well. This is because the outside cats are able bringing the pollen or the other allergen inside their fur. So, make sure that you give a good care treatment for your cat to avoid any allergies.

What are the symptoms of your cat allergy?

There are several symptoms of cat allergy that can identify you:

  1. The itchy eyes and red.
  2. The redness on your skin where your cat had bitten or licked you.
  3. Sneezing.
  4. You often coughing and wheezing when you contact with your car.
  5. The hives or rush on the chest and face as well.
  6. Runny nose.

If you suffered several symptoms above, you may suffer with cay allergies. You also able to contact your doctor and asking the best treatment or get cat allergy shots if possible.

When your kid has allergies, knowing about allergy medicine for kids is important. Kids are usually easy getting allergy because they are sensitive to various allergens. But, kids can have allergies because of heredity. As parents, we have to know the best allergy medicine for kids in order to make our kid feels better. Read the information below to know more about allergy medicine for kids.

What is Recommended Allergy Medicine for Kids?

Actually, there is common allergy medicine for kid, which is antihistamine. Antihistamine commonly used for relieving allergy symptoms because it will block histamine in the body. When kids have allergy, their body will release histamine. When it happens, kids usually get various allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, red eyes, itchy nose, and many more. So, using antihistamine is recommended to relieve allergies symptoms in kids.

Talking about antihistamine, experts said that giving antihistamine to kids should be done in right time. What are right times for giving antihistamine? Here are recommended times for giving antihistamine to your kids:

  • Before Bed

It is good time for giving antihistamine to your kid. Allergy symptoms are often worse between 4 a.m and 6 a.m. By giving antihistamine before your kid goes to sleep, it will control your kid’s morning symptoms.

  • Before Allergy Season

If your kid is allergic to pollen, you should give antihistamine to your kid before pollen season. Give it for 3 to 10 days to avoid allergies in pollen season.

  • All the Time

If your kid has year-round allergies, your kid needs to take allergy medication regularly to prevent allergy symptoms.

Common Antihistamine for Kid

Talking about antihistamine, this medicine can come as oral medicine and also eye drops. If your kid older than 3 years, your kid can use antihistamine eye drops. Here are some recommended antihistamines for kids:

  • Prescription Antihistamine

The examples of prescription antihistamines are azelastine (Astelin, Astepro), desloratadine (clarinex), and hydroxyzyne (Atarax, vistaril). If you want to use eye drop, you can use azelastine (optivar) eyedrops and olapatadine HCL (Pataday, patanol).

  • Over the Counter Antihistamine

The examples of over the counter antihistamines are cetrizine (zyrtec), diphenhydramine (benadryl), fexofenadine (allegra), and loratadine (alavert, claritin). If you want to use eye drops, you can use ketotifen fumarate (zaditor).

Well, those are some information about allergy medicine for kids. You can use the information above as your reference. Finally, hopefully the information about allergy medicine for kids above will help you to find best medicine to relieve allergy symptoms suffered by your little one.