Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

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Pancreatic cancer survival rates are going to tell you about the portion of patients with the same cancer and the same stage of it that are still alive. The period is commonly 5 years after the first diagnosed. Of course no one could tell you how long you are going to live, but the rates could probably tell you about better understanding and what treatments that will be successful based on the stage of the cancer itself. Well, some people want to know about how the cancer is doing with their body but the rest of them do not want to. So, if you do not want to know, you can choose to not reading this article though.

Pancreatic cancer survival rates do not tell the whole story

Thing you should know is if the survival rate will not tell you the whole story. The rates are based on the previous outcome of the numbers of people that had the illness. But they cannot predict the specific thing that is going to happen in specific case. Other than that, there are also several limitations of the rates that you need to know, such as:

  • The number you get is based on the most current available. But if you want to know the 5-year survival rates then the doctor will look at the patients that were treated in 5 years ago.
  • The statistic is also based on the cancer stage that was initially diagnosed. It cannot to be used for identified the cancer the spreads or come back.
  • The outlook will be different from one another patient based on the cancer stage in general. Also in general, survival rates for patients with earlier stage will be higher. But there are also several factors that will affect a person’s outlook such as the age and health condition in overall.

Pancreatic cancer survival rates: Can the cancer be found early?

We should say that pancreatic is hard to be diagnosed in earlier stage. Pancreas itself is located down deep human’s body. It also means that the small tumor in it could only be seen by using health care providers if you do the physical exams. So, it is important to do routine medical exams to update your health condition. Screening is highly recommended for people who have no symptoms as well as no history about the disease. This article is supposed to remind you about the pancreatic cancer survival rates.

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