Recognizing Symptoms of Eye Cancer

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Many people don’t know about the symptoms of eye cancer. Actually, eye cancer is a type of cancer that has various symptoms. Knowing about the symptoms of eye cancer is so important. By knowing the symptoms earlier, we have a chance to prevent severe eye cancer. Read the information below to know more about symptoms of eye cancer and also the causes of it.

What are Symptoms of Eye Cancer?

As mentioned before, there are so many symptoms of eye cancer. But, sometime people don’t aware about it. Even some people don’t suffer symptoms when their eye diagnosed having eye cancer. So, we have to note our eye health and consult to doctor whenever we feel some changes in our eyes. There are some symptoms of eye cancer that should be noted y us, such as below:

  • Black spots appear on the iris of the eyes.
  • Often feel glare
  • Feels there are spots and lines blocking the view
  • Blurred vision or loss of vision capabilities
  • Changes in the pupil shape or tissue around the eye
  • Swelling in one eye
  • Lumps in the eyelid or the eyeball continues to expand

When you suffer from some symptoms mentioned above, you have to consult with a doctor. Don’t be late to handle the symptoms because eye cancer symptoms should be handled earlier. If the symptoms can’t be handled well, it may cause glaucoma, blindness, and other severe condition.

The Causes of Eye Cancer

Actually, there are some factors that cause eye cancer. Here are the common causes of eye cancer:

  • Ultraviolet Ray

Ultraviolet ray can be the cause of eye cancer. So, you are better to use glasses when you have activity in outdoor. It will protect your eyes from ultraviolet ray.

  • Age

The risk of eye cancer will increase when people has old age.

  • Eye Color

Eye color is also the cause of eye cancer. People with bright eye color, such as blue, green, and grey has higher risk to get eye cancer than people with dark eye color.

  • Skin Disorders Derivatives

Skin that has a tendency to form moles on various skin areas of the body, generally at risk of developing into melanoma in the eyes and skin.

Those are some information for you about the symptoms of eye cancer and the causes of it. You can use the information above as your reference whenever you need information about eye cancer. Finally, hopefully the information about the symptoms of eye cancer above will be useful for you.

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