When it comes to treating cancer, categorizing stages plays the key roles, since it determines which part of your body that has been affected by the cancer cells, where does uterine cancer spread to first, as well as which organ becomes the next target of the attacks. This becomes very crucial, for if the doctors or the patient’s cancer medical team is fast enough to detect it, they will be able to do many preventive actions to stop the growth of the cancer cells from invading to other parts of the patient’s body. Commonly, they use a cancer test which is called diagnostic test in order to determine the type of stages the patient’s condition is. However, staging cannot be announced before all the tests are finished, in which the doctors have to examine the tissue samples that they take after the surgery, so the chance of living can be higher.

The Stages of Uterine Cancer

Commonly, when you are on your monthly menstruation, the lining inside your uterus — or what is also called as endometrium — will thicken, before then it is going to sheds as you are on the cycle of menstruation. Later on, the lining inside the uterus will get thinner and thinner as the menstrual period happens, where it comes out as a menstrual bleeding. However, this process does not occur in most of endoterium cancer cases, in which the lining of the uterus is still thick — which in the medical term is labeled as endometrial hyperplasia, or what the doctors call as pre stage of endometrium cancers. If you are not aware of this, the cells will keep building inside your uterus as the cancer cells grows rapidly that at times it can be out of hand.

These flocks of cancerous cells are able to spread to other organs of your body, in which they are turning into a bunch of tissue and lead to vaginal bleeding. At first, it will attack the insides of your uterus, as it attacks the layers on it, before they will go to the outside part of it if you do not look for immediately. And if the early detection cannot be performed, you must be aware of your pelvic lymph nodes, since it will be the next target, as well as other organs that are near your pelvic areas. Still, if you just let it be, the answer of where does uterine cancer spread to first might look so scary, for the cancerous cells will also invade the brain, lungs, as well as the vagina.