The Right Medication with Dog Allergy Medicine

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Dog allergy medicine will be the proper treatment to cure your dog’s allergies pad. If your dog are frequently scratching the body or feel uncomfortable, then you should be observant to see it. Maybe the dog is experiencing allergy symptoms that occur because of a tick. Allergy is an exaggerated reaction generated by the immune system because the substances come into contact with the body or called the allergen. Allergens may be other substances, other parasites, fleas, mites, chemical products, chemical cleaners, plants, grass, and food. Signs of allergies are experienced by the same dogs with allergy symptoms in humans. Dogs that have been exposed to the allergens will experience hypersensitivity. Allergic reactions may occur with systemic or localized and occur slowly or rapidly.

Symptoms of Dogs Allergies

Signs of allergies in dogs are most often arises is indigestion, ear infections or skin problems. Maybe you’ll see the following allergy symptoms:

  • Eye dog into the red even to tears
  • Irritation in the chin and below the neck
  • Irritation in the armpits and behind the front legs
  • Irritation between the toes or feet
  • Irritation in the pelvic area and thighs
  • There is a wound moist in areas affected by allergens
  • Dogs feel uneasy
  • Dogs became lethargic
  • Dog’s body bumps and pustules appear white
  • Sneezing
  • Rash
  • Irritation of the skin so that the dog scratching the body
  • Dogs lick the affected area allergic
  • The dog is always scratching certain body parts

Gastrointestinal Irritation on DogsĀ 

Dogs that have food allergies will get ear irritation, digestive disorders, and skin disorders. Common symptoms caused by allergies to food are enlargement of lymph nodes, itching, and weight loss, loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, and belching. Food allergies may not be known for many years because you might just assume that your dog has a sensitive stomach. These allergies will endanger the health of the dog. This is due to the dog kept scratching the body injured and causing parasites, viruses, and bacteria. If your dog is experiencing irritation of the ear, then the dog’s head will shake and the dog will scratch the ear so that it appears the wound.

Treatment of Dogs Allergies

The first step that must be done is to keep your dog from allergens. If the allergy is caused by a mite, then you should treat the infestation first. If allergies arise due to hypersensitivity inhalation, then you should remove substances such allergens from the home. If allergies caused by pollen or grass, then do not let your dog approach the area. If you already know the cause of allergies, then you can use a topical medication such as gel, powder, lotion, or shampoo to cure the allergy. You can also go to the vet and give dog allergy medicine.

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