[TIPS] Best Air Conditioner Filter for Allergies

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Did you suffering from sniff and wheeze throughout his year? If you had plagued by the allergies or asthma, you may start to consider buying best air conditioner filter for allergies. Sometimes, you may wonder about is it worth the money? Or this air conditioner is really able to reduce your symptoms? However, if you do not make any changes in your environment, it would be the same with or without air filter for allergies. So, you may start to change your environment become cleaner and suit with your allergies need.

Recommendations for two types of air filter

The pollen, pet allergen, spores and the other allergen can affect the quality inside your home. Some research also stated that the air pollution in your room also as one of the top 5 of your environmental health risk. For some peoples who suffering allergies, the scientific studies had shown that air filter may able to reduce the airbone allergens and able to give some reliefs as well. There are 2 recommendations for your best air conditioner filter for allergies:

  1. For single room, you can use air filter with the HEPA filter or High Efficiency Particulate Air. You can check to see the filter has the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) which suit with your size room where you want to use it.
  2. If your house has central heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system, you can change it into whole house of filtration system by install the better air filter which you can use for permanent or disposable as well. The most efficient cost is the disposable filter with the MERV and you can get with the good rates from that filter. This filter will catch every particle of pollen, animal allergen and the mold, then it would not impede the airflow as well. It may seem impossible to clean your permanent filter from the tiny particles that cause allergies. In many cases, you may need to replace the permanent filter with the disposable filter which you able to throw when getting full or around in every 3 months.

Several tips to improve your air quality:

  1. Keeping your humidity level in your house above 50 percents. Do not use the vaporizers or any humidifiers.
  2. Using vacuum cleaner with HEPA.
  3. Do not permit anyone to smoke in your house.

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