Types, Causes, Prevention, and Signs of Esophageal Cancer

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Signs of esophageal cancer occur along the esophagus-pipe. This cancer can spread from the esophagus to the stomach. The esophagus serves to bring food that has been ingested into the digestive tract. Cancer cells will form tumors in the mucosal lining of the esophagus and the tumor will grow out through the submukosa. The submukosa is a layer that limits the esophagus, throat and a layer of muscles in the throat. This cancer usually starts in the cells that exist in the esophageal tissue. This cancer can occur anywhere in the portion of the esophagus. Typically this cancer most often occurs in the lower esophagus.

Types of Esophageal Cancer

This cancer is divided based on the type of cells involved in the cancer growth. You must know this to determine the most appropriate treatment options. The first type is Adenocarcinoma. These cancers arise from mucus-producing gland cells in the esophagus. The second type is squamous cell carcinoma. This cancer is in the surface of the esophagus. This cancer occurs in the middle part of the esophagus. This is the most common cancer worldwide. Other types are small cell lung cancer, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and choriocarcinoma.

Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Signs and symptoms of esophageal cancer are as follows:


Pain in the chest

Lost weight suddenly

Difficulty in swallowing

Esophageal Cancer Causes

The cause of this cancer is not clear. This cancer can occur when cells in the esophagus undergo DNA errors. This error can cause cancer to grow and multiply uncontrollably. Accumulation of these cells to form tumors in the esophagus and can invade other tissues. DNA changes caused by chronic irritation may increase the risk of esophageal cancer. Another factor that can cause irritation to the cells of the esophagus is an alcohol, an increase in bile, chewing tobacco, difficulty in swallowing, drinking liquids that are too hot, consume less fruits and vegetables, eat instant foods, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, smoking, radiation therapy to the upper abdomen and chest, pre-cancerous cell changes in the esophagus, and obesity.

Prevention of Esophageal Cancer

You can prevent the occurrence of esophageal cancer by changing bad habits that you do every day. You have to quit chewing tobacco and smoking. Do not drink alcohol. You should eat vegetables and fruit every day. You must maintain an ideal weight so as not obese. You should see a doctor when the symptoms of the above happen to you. The doctor will perform the diagnosis and determine the proper treatment for you. You can consult with oncologists, cancer surgeons and physicians gastroenterologist to reduce pain due to cancer. Those are treatment and Signs of esophageal cancer.

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