Uterus Cancer Symptoms

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Have you known about uterus cancer symptoms? Knowing about some symptoms of uterus cancer is important to make us able to prevent uterus cancer earlier. Read the information below to know more about uterus cancer symptoms and also the causes of it.

The Symptoms of Uterus Cancer

There are so many types of cancer, and cancer has attacked so many people in the world. Cancer also makes many people feel so desperate and hopeless. Actually, knowing about the symptoms of cancer is really important. By recognizing the symptoms earlier, we will have a chance to prevent severe stage of cancer.

Talking about uterus cancer, uterus cancer is a type of cancer on the deepest layer of uterus (endometrial). It is dangerous cancer because can lower women reproduction system and also cause fatality. Uterus cancer is also leading cause of death in women in the world.  There are some symptoms of uterus cancer, such as below:

  • Bleeding not in menstrual period
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Pain on bottom side of stomach or pelvis
  • Yellowish liquid when urinate
  • Pain when urinate
  • Bleeding after having sex
  • Pain when having sex

When you suffer the symptoms of uterus cancer, you have to go to a doctor. That is the best way to handle uterus cancer. If you go to the doctor earlier, your uterus cancer may be able to be handled.

The Causes of Uterus Cancer

Some people usually want to know the causes of cancer, includes the causes of uterus cancer. Uterus cancer can be caused by various factors. It can be caused by age, life style, and many more. Woman older than 50 years old has higher risk than woman younger than 50 years old.

Woman who always having sex with many men, usually has higher risk to be attacked by uterus cancer. Not only that, your life style also influences this cancer. For example, woman who likes smoking has higher risk to get uterus cancer than woman who doesn’t like smoking. Not only that, uterus cancer can be caused by the condition of uterus. If woman can’t keep the cleanness of their vagina, they have the risk to get uterus cancer. So, try to always keep your health, includes your vagina’s health to avoid uterus cancer.

Well, those are some information for you about the symptoms of uterus cancer and also the causes of uterus cancer. Hopefully the information about uterus cancer symptoms above will be useful for you.

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